Version Update 29th April 2020

Dear All,

We have released a new version update for Investwell Desktop with the following new features and bug fixes.

NewCapital Gain ReportWe have now handled Segregated schemes impact on Capital Gain Report
Life InsurancePremium amount paid list for each Life Insurance policy has been created. This can be auto filled or manually entered. Configuration can be set from Program settings
NewCapital Gain ReportAdd TDS Column in Capital Gain Excel File
NewTrail CalculationWe have given an option to get the Brokerage earning rate as per Registration date or Transaction date for SIP
NewCAS ImportWe have updated our CAS Import utility with recent changes in PDF format
NewIIN ImportWe have updated our IIN Import utility to create client from My-Portfolio IINs
NewMIS ReportsSave previously entered report date in Cashflow and Brokerage MIS
NewPurchase/Sell ChecklistWe have given additional All Debt and All Equity filter in Purchase and Sell Checklist
NewSIP MiningWe have given Bank name and Account no. search in SIP Mining
NewSIP Master importWe have now started importing Bank Name and Account no. from Franklin SIP file
NewClient QueryWe have added another option in Client query to search by client name only which is much faster to use
Brokerage MISWe have given a better client name search which requries atleast 3 letters to be typed to search
NewCapital Gain ReportCost Inflation Index added for FY 20-21
NewAdjust RejectionARN Column has now been included in Adjust rejection and View Rejection
NewShares NAV HistoryGive search on ISIN or BSE Code or NSE Code
NewFolio MasterWe have now shown Guardian PAN and name in folio master
NewFolio MasterWhile demerging clients we have now shown Client PAN and Client code
NewCAS ImportNow we get Client name from KVL KRA using PAN found in CAS
SuggestionMF TallySave previously entered time periods in MF Tally
SuggestionClient Portfolio Summary reportWe have given data dump option so that you can do your working on the sheet
SuggestionClient Portfolio, Capital GainWe have added Report Print date in Client Portfolio report and Capital Gain Report
SuggestionNAV HistoryGive Nav Edit option in NAV history
SuggestionManual Trxn RecoWe have now shown Asset allocation date in Manual Transaction Reco entry screen
SuggestionBirthday list in ToolkitWe have added 3 new columns in Birthday list report Group Leader, AUM, Portfolio Review date.
SuggestionAlert ReportWe have added Relationship Manager & Sub Broker field in Excel export
SuggestionManage ClientRelationship Manager filter will now include Service RMs also
SuggestionAUM ReportSub broker filter is now independent of Relationship manager selected in filters
SuggestionPortfolio in Batch ModeNow we will never send blank Capital Gain report.
SuggestionCAS File ImportBy Default don't tick Broker's own ARN to avoid duplicates
SuggestionCAS File importPrompt given in case CAS File password is incorrectly entered by the user
SuggestionTransaction EditWe have give Registrar filter
SuggestionAUM ReconciliationWe have avoided taking transactions imported from CAS file in AUM Reconciliation
SuggestionNAV listWe have shown Segregated scheme and Mother scheme
SuggestionBrokerage ImportExport of Brokerage data list has been improved
Bug fixData Mining ReportsData Mining run time Error fixed
Bug fixTrail ReconciliationTrail Reconciliation run time Error fixed
Bug fixData MiningCAGR is now matching in Client Portfolio Report and Data Mining
Bug fixClient Portfolio We have rectified Fixed Deposit schemes' Current value calculation which was different in PDF and Excel 
Bug fixLife InsuranceNext premium date should always be before maturity date
Bug fixSIP MiningIn SIP Cancellation letter, Amount was being printed wrongly. We have fixed this now.
Bug fixClient PortfolioWe have now started using the Report preferences for CAGR in Client Portfolio excel export
Bug fixMF TallyRemove Segregated scheme from MF tally
Bug fixUsersWe have now restricted Deletion of Relationship manager is it is assigned to any client
Bug fixClient PortfolioSell Amount in Realized Portfolio was not matching in Excel and PDF. We have fixed this.
Bug fixClient Portfolio Portfolio report containing segregated schemes was giving an error. We have fixed this.
Bug fixAuto RTA Transaction importNAV field taken in RTA Auto import was different for Karvy Transaction file which caused duplicates in some cases. This has been fixed now.
Bug fixAlert ReportLast Sent SMS and Mail date was shown incorrectly, We have fixed this now.
Bug fixModel PortfolioRemarks entered were not being printed in Model Portfolio Report. We have fixed this now.
Bug fixTransaction ViewSome records were being missed in Transaction view. We have fixed this now.
Bug fixRedemption Gain SimulatorWe have modified report to show only CAGR from additional gain
Bug fixTop SchemeExcel Export bug fixed
Bug fixARN MasterWe have restricted the creation of Duplicate ARN in ARN Master
Bug fixGoal PlannerWhile editing Goal, SIP Amount was shown incorrectly. We have fixed this.


Team InvestWell

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