Version Update 30 April '19

Dear All,

We have released a new version of Investwell Software with the following updates and bug fixes.

SuggestionSummary ReportCorrect the client address, pin Code mail id spacing in report
SuggestionTop SchemesAdd column for Scheme Benchmark, Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap %
SuggestionTop SchemesAdd tick option to include ETF. exclude by default
SuggestionScrip Qry (New Module)Locate MF scheme based on Holdings
Bug FixBusiness MonitorARN filter was not working for Excel export. This is fixed now.
Bug FixCurrent HoldingScheme name was getting cut due to size, we have now given adequate space
Bug FixKarvy/Sundaram Folio MasterWe have updated import logic for KYC Status from Karvy/Sundaram folio master file
Bug FixModel PortfolioWhen Model portfolio was edited, factsheet became blank. This is fixed now. Also, the form is made more user friendly.
Bug FixFranklin KYC fileWe have updated import logic for KYC Status from Franklin KYC file
Bug FixCAS ImportFrom Franklin scheme CAS- prefix was being added by default even if option was unticked. It is fixed now.
Bug FixDue Diligence report >> Turnover ratioExcel export for Turnover ratio was not showing correct data.


Team InvestWell

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