Version Update 27 March '19

Dear All,

We have released a new version of Investwell Software with the following updates and bug fixes.

SuggestionClient portfolio - Detail reportProvide since inception XIRR in snapshot
SuggestionClient portfolio - Summary with XIRRWe have added Equity allocation % by Market cap (Small, Mid and Large cap)
SuggestionClient portfolio ReportsInclude Goal name against folios in all Portfolio Return report formats
SuggestionContract NoteIn Phillip Capital contract note, we now take Family code to match with our client equity code
SuggestionTransaction ViewWe have added the following columns in Transaction View in Reports menu - DPID, CLIENT PAN, SOURCE(Exchange Ref), SBCode(PSubCode)
SuggestionContract Note for Shares/BondsNSE and IIFL Shares Contract Note can now be imported in Investwell
SuggestionAUM RecoAUM Reco - While unfreezing folios we now ask for a date upto which we will unfreeze it
SuggestionSIP CompareWe have added option to Compare STP as well
SuggestionInsurance ImportA new field called "ThroughBroker" has been added in Excel file template import and Transaction edit of Insurance.
SuggestionTransaction Confirmation EmailerAdd column for Sub Broker name in Grid
SuggestionRelationship Manager LoginWe have stopped Birthday/Anniversart alert and modification of client from Client Query for RM login
SuggestionBazaar SMSIntegration for Bazaar SMS has been completed
SuggestionBusiness MonitorWe have added Group name in Transaction wise Business monitor
SuggestionCAS ImportWhile importing CAS file we now ask user to map CAS file to another user if they wish to. Earlier we used to automatch based on folio details.
SuggestionTransaction entry manualWe have given our system transaction no. in Excel export
SuggestionBillingWe have added your logo in AMC and Client invoice
Bug FixCapital GainFor Capital Gain of Long Term Equity, we have corrected the scenario for Grandfathering. Now grandfathering of gains will only happen if Purchase Date is before 31/01/2018
Bug FixAvg Cost Acqusition ReportAvg. Purchase Price has been corrected in Avg. Cost of Acquisition Report
Bug FixGoal Report for Step up SIPWe now use Start Date of Step up SIP to calculate correct Goal amount as per future running SIP
Bug FixClient QueryWe have optimized the Client Query search and it now works on many more fields such as mobile no., email id, tag, state, city, file no, address etc
Bug FixAlertGive Sum Assured Column in Alert in General and Life insurance
Bug FixAlert2 decimal format has been given in Amount column
Bug FixMorningstarMorningStar Link has been added back in Client Query >> User profile screen (A button)
Bug FixBrokerage Import for SundaramProcess date of Sundaram had started coming incorrectly. We have handled it.
Bug FixAlertGive Indian Comma formating for amount in Alert
Bug FixAUM RecoWe have optimized AUM Reco for handling large AUM file for reconciliation
Bug FixIIN and UCC ImportWe have fixed error that came while IIN and UCC import for long addresses
Bug FixClient Portfolio Summary - XIRRShares and Bonds were being removed when Suppress Zero balance folio option was chosen. This has been fixed now.
Bug FixManual Purchase/Sell EntryManually created purchase/sell entry can now be edited
Bug FixNAV ChartNAV Chart in Reports menu was giving error on comparing more than 10000 schemes. This has been fixed. All Schemes can be compared together now.
Bug FixSIP RecoFor SIP Reco, we now compare SIP Master with SIP Transaction using SIP Start date and not End date
Bug FixAum RecoExcel Export for selected unmatched folio was not working. This has been fixed now.
Bug FixKYC UploadWe have fixed an error in Sundaram KYC file upload


Team Investwell

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