Version Update 19 Feb '19

Dear All,

We have released a new version of Investwell Software with the following updates and bug fixes.

Bug FixClient Portfolio XIRRWhile sending Portfolio Summary XIRR (Suppressed zero balance folios) using Batch mode scheduler, zero balance folios were also begin included in the report. This has been fixed now.
Bug FixToolkit >> Birthday reportWe have added option for Investment Anniversary
Bug FixUnrealized Capital GainFor Long Term Equity, we show Gain after 31st January 2018 as a separate column, so that total tax-free gain limit of 1 lakh can be calculated
Bug FixManaul Transaction entryWe have added column of Family Head, RM and Sub Broker with Applicant name in Excel Export
Bug FixSIP Master ImportSome SWP of Karvy were being imported as SIP due to changes in file format. This has been fixed now
Bug FixClient Billing5 Lakh was written as 500 Thousand. This has been corrected to Indian Standard
Bug FixOther Asset Bulk importDecimal values take in 3-4 digit in file import
Bug FixBNP BrokerageDate columns in BNP Brokerage file have been updated. We have made necessary changes in Brokerage file import
Bug FixSIP ImportImport SOURCE field in SIP File, CAM/KARVY/FRANKLIN = OK, SUNDARAM doesn't have source field.
Bug FixSIP ImportKarvy Transaction Id is no longer a unique number. We have updated our duplicate check data for Karvy with Txnno/Fund/Scheme/Folio/Appcode/Start Date
Bug FixFolio Master - Demat foliosWe have added a filter to show Demat folios only
Bug FixBrokerage Payment Detail - excel exportIn Excel Export of Brokerage Payment Detail we have added Avg. Asset, Amount, Process Date etc
Bug FixSIP Import of CAMSDue to changes in File format, SIP was imported STP. We have fixed this now.
SuggestionPortfolio Summary with XIRRSome filters were not working when report was emailed using Scheduler. Now, we have fixed it.
SuggestionClient portfolio - Client wiseEmpty RM box is shown in case RM is not assigned. We have now removed the box in case RM is not assigned
SuggestionAdjust Rejection moduleWe can now detect more than one SIP rejection entry on same day. Earlier, this was missed as we did not check the transaction id.
SuggestionRejection ListGive RM and Sub Broker in Grid and Excel
SuggestionPortfolio Summary MTD, YTDWe have  now included Switch in while calculating Absolute return
SuggestionGoal Summary Excel - For All ClientWe have added a new Excel Report of list of Goals with shortfall and SIP/Lumpsum required
SuggestionOnline SyncWe have made the online sync process faster
SuggestionInvestwellWe have removed AUM reco Button from main screen, For Folio file Request go to main AUM Reco in MIS
SuggestionSIP CalendarExcel Export is not available in SIP Calendar in MIS Menu
SuggestionTurnover RatioWe have provided Excel Export of Purchase and Sale transactions

Note for CAS file import -

For the time being please get CAS file from CAMS login not from KARVY Login because Karvy has changed their CAS format. We are working on it updating it.

You can send your feedback and suggestions to


Team Investwell

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