Version Update 31 Dec '18


We have released a new version of Investwell with the following improvements and bug fixes -

SuggestionIIN/UCC ImportNew Clients in Desktop Investwell from IIN/UCC import option will be assigned same RM and Sub Broker as in My-Portfolio
SuggestionOnline Sync for Equity SharesIf DP id is found in the folio of an investor, we will not show that folio for investing online through NSE/BSE
SuggestionBrokerage UploadNow we use SIP Reg Date for KARVY brokerage file instead of taking from transactions mailback
SuggestionPMS importOptimize program to run faster
SuggestionApply GST RateOptimize program to run faster
SuggestionRefresh Sub broker as per clientOptimize program to run faster
SuggestionAUM RecoWe have given NIL transaction in case folio not found in AUM file or Investwell
Bug FixTransaction Statement/SOAWe have removed Cancelled transaction types in all reports
Bug FixBrokerage Pay processPay Process - SB + Scheme wise rate, take Purchase transaction rates by default if SIP, STI, DIR and others transaction type rates not found.
Bug FixBrokerage UploadWBR 77 duplicate issue fixed, when we upload the same file using Auto Upload and Manual
Bug FixCreate New ClientWhile creating new client, if Service RM is not defined, Service RM will be same as RM
Bug FixTransaction Reco with Manual entryTransaction date filter was not working properly we have fixed it.
Bug FixPortfolio Return DetailedWhile emailing this report, investment snapshot and asset allocation snapshot where not reflected individually in report if ticked in preview screen. This has been fixed now
Bug FixAlert - Sync OnlineShow only Running Life Insurance policy in My-Portfolio and Desktop alert
Bug FixPortfolio Return - Client wisePie chart of Asset allocation fixed for Portfolio in Batch mode email.
Bug FixIRR ReportGive PAN of client in client search drop down
Bug FixAUM RecoFolio wise request for Mailback file is now available
Bug FixData Mining Report - EXCELAdd column for CAGR. It is already in GRID
Bug FixGeneral SMSIf client has profile setting for General SMS as OFF, we will not show their name in the list


Team Investwell

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