Version Update 15 Nov '18

Dear All,

We have released a new version of Investwell with the following improvements and bug fixes -

20/8/2018Bug FixTransaction Statement/SOAHandle Cancelled entry in report and sub total, now we remove these entry in SOA
20/8/2018Bug FixCommunication Link failure errorWhen server connectivity failed then check connection every 5 second and auto connect
20/8/2018Bug FixKYC StatusShow KYC record for each holder of that folio in grid/excel
20/8/2018Bug FixAlert - SIP/STP RenewalWe have corrected the End Date in Mail format in Alert
2/8/2018SuggestionBusiness ReportImplemented same Bifurcation of Equity, Debt, Liq like in AUM Report
2/8/2018SuggestionCams- WBR-2,49CSV format import is now supported for since inception file
2/8/2018Bug FixEarning RateFor Junk/STP/Other transaction type, we are applying the rate of Normal Purchase
28/9/2018SuggestionUser ManagementRM can now be created with an excel export. List of RM can also be exported to excel.
28/9/2018SuggestionIWAutoCalculate AUM in IW Auto EXE
1/10/2018Bug FixClient Watch ListSub-broker name and code is now shown in excel export
1/10/2018Bug FixContact NoteSMC Contract note issue resolved
1/10/2018Bug FixRTA Orderissue in Cams and Karvy file order program
15/10/2018SuggestionKYC ImportSundram - KYC File is now imported
15/10/2018SuggestionCap Gain 2018-19Give Purchase Cost under Purchase Price column for Long Term Equity case only and give total also
17/10/2018Bug FixPMSWe now show PMS in Summary with XIRR and Detailed Portfolio Return report
22/10/2018SuggestionOther assetsRate can now be entered upto 4 digits.
25/10/2018Bug FixEmail to ClientFixed a bug in email configuration in investwell - "Subscript out of range"
15/10/2018SuggestionDF/ RTA - karvy 229We now Import this file to get SIP Cease Date
25/10/2018SuggestionCapital Gain ReportGive PAN No with name
30/10/2018SuggestionEarning RateGive AMC Code in Earning Rate file
30/10/2018Bug FixSIP ImportHandle junk transaction type data in Import
25/10/2018Bug FixClient Query and LabelShow Address as per preferred Address in MIS >> Client Label Print
2/11/2018Bug FixPMS File ImportGive option to import PMS Head and Transaction in PMS Entry Screen
2/11/2018Bug FixTop SchemeRemove Balanced Tab in Top Scheme
2/11/2018SuggestionIIN/UCC ImportCheck Sub-broker/RM, Validate the import in new client creation
19/11/2018SuggestionProgram SettingWe have given a new option to set RM/SB according to Daily-feed EUIN when creating new client from Daily-feed file


Team InvestWell

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