Version Update 27 July 2018

Dear All,

Please find below the updates that we have made to Investwell. These include some bug fixes and new development on suggestions

25/7/2018SuggestionBrokerage Payout ProcessA rule has been added by which SB Payout for any commission is not paid if Transaction Date is before the Sub Broker Enrollment Date. This will work only if the Enrollment date is mentioned.
25/6/2018SuggestionBrokerage PayoutBrokerage payout GST calculation is now on Brokerage Period To Date. This was previously on List period To Date
25/6/2018Bug FixBrokerage PayoutFor Brokerage type of SIP Incentive and Incentive also, we are now taking effect of GST and calculating the Net Payout in Payout Process module.
25/6/2018SuggestionBrokerage Payment DetailRemoved Decimal number formatting on Cheque Number
6/7/2018Bug FixBrokerage Payment DetailSIP Incentive Filter, when used alone, was not working. It has been fixed now.
6/7/2018Bug FixBrokerage Payment DetailAlong with Brokerage and Cheque date we have also given Process Date Filter.
12/7/2018Bug FixBrokerage Payment DetailWe are now showing the records of Clawback in this report also.
21/4/2020SuggestionCapital Gain - Summary at the EndWe have now giving a Quarter-wise breakup of Taxable Gains for Long-Term Debt and Equity schemes also, just like the Short Term Gains at the end of the report. It should help you plan the advance tax to be paid
25/7/2018SuggestionSMS SettingPromotional (General) SMS can now be sent to DND numbers if allowed by your SMS provider.
12/7/2018SuggestionTran Statement/SOAMask the PAN No and Bank Account No in reports. Displays last 4 char only now.
16/7/2018SuggestionTop SchemesOpen New Tab in Top Scheme for Solution and FoF Schemes.
12/7/2018Bug FixTop Scheme52 Week High/Low column is now provided in Top Scheme - Excel Export 
6/7/2018Bug FixPortfolio ReportWe have optimized the report generation for Client Portfolio Report and Portfolio Summary in Report Menu
6/7/2018Bug FixFolio Master ImportIn Folio master file Upload, the Existing Client Search now works on the entered search term instead of only 3 characters.
12/7/2018Bug FixRepair DatabaseChange of Broker Case - For old data we have given an option in Repair Database and Also correct the Daily feed for R2A Cams File
24/7/2018Bug FixManual Purchase/SellError in Making SIP/STP Installment, Don't Add Sat/Sunday Entry in Monday. We Fixed it.
6/7/2018Bug FixCapital GainDisallow ST Loss column used to show wrong data in Excel File, We have fixed it.
21/6/2018Bug FixScheme ModificationOrder of Category form Change, made more reliable to use.
21/6/2018Bug FixClient Bill PrintShow "Tax Invoice" heading when Client GSTIN found otherwise show as "Invoice" only.
23/7/2018Bug FixAlertWhen 2 or more Entries of the same FMP on same Applicant/Fund/Scheme/Folio/Date in FMP scheme show this in Alert. This was previously skipped
26/7/2018Bug FixPortfolio in Batch ModePortfolio in Batch Mode, File option not working in ST/LT unrealized Report. We Fixed it
26/7/2018Bug FixAMC BillWhen check Bill No Duplication then Check FY Date also, the same Bill no can exist in Different FY.
25/6/2018Bug FixPortfolio SummaryWhen FROM date is greater than since Inception date then we are now hiding those folios for which there are no Purchase or Sell transactions in the chosen period
12/7/2018SuggestionImportant LinkAdd Important Links in Help Menu


Team Investwell

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