Version Update 29th June '18

Dear All,

We have made the following improvements to Investwell -

Bug FixSIP MiningSMS was not being saved as it was too long in length. Now SMS is saved.
SuggestionCorporate ActionShares Corporate action menu added in Shares menu.
SelfCorporate Action ViewNew screen Corporate action view for Scheme Merger
Bug FixScheme mergerMerged the schemes transaction data as per SEBI detail
SelfScheme Merger Duplicates deleteYou can now remove duplicates created by Scheme Merger from Repair Database. It will work after Corporate Action for scheme merger is run.
SuggestionManage ClientAdded a Service Relationship Manager field in the Client profile
Bug FixInsuranceClient and Group relation was not updated when forming a group. Now fixed
SuggestionInsurance PortfolioWe have added General Insurance in Month wise premium table.
SuggestionTop Scheme  We have removed sub-tabs under Hybrid tab, like Debt oriented, Equity oriented, MIP.
Bug FixInsurance PortfolioWhen Group Leader opens insurance portfolio as an applicant, it used to show all client's data.
Bug FixTop Scheme - SIP ReturnGetting error while exporting the Top Scheme(SIP Return) data export in excel. Fixed
Bug FixScheme MaturityWe have given all schemes which have a maturity date or closed ended scheme so that user can remove and modify maturity date
SuggestionManual Transaction entryIn SIP, STP, SWP manual entry no need to enter installment no. You have to give Start and End Date.


Team Investwell 

Please post Version update details actively. We have a new version dated 20th July 2018. What changes are made in this version?

Yes, we will post them actively from now.

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