Version Update 3rd May '18


We have released a version update for Investwell Corporate. Please find below the release notes with Bug Fixes and Suggestions implemented.

Bug FixSIP MiningGive Broker Code as a separate column in Excel Export Data
Bug FixModel PortfolioScheme Selection Error, Fixed
Bug FixiMailImprove I-mail Screen and Make more reliable for use.
Bug FixShare Dividend ProcessDividends were not shown earlier for Process for Listed Share & Bonds. It is now being shown.
Bug FixDaily Feed UploadUpdate Change of Broker flag for old data in Daily feed, Fixed
SuggestionScheme MoveSome Reliance Schemes have been moved to New Schemes.
SuggestionPrintWellModified EUIN selection method in Common Transaction form printing. Now, we first try to find EUIN from Client RM, if it is not found then we pick EUIN from ARN Master.
Bug FixONLINEForthcoming SIP data was wrong, Now appearing same as offline
Bug FixCAS Upload"CAS-" prefix word was not working in Franklin registrar folio, Now working fine.
SuggestionTransaction StatementGive page break in Scheme Wise report.
Bug FixTop Scheme - SIP ReturnGetting error while exporting the Top Scheme(SIP Return) data export in excel. Fixed
Bug FixChange of Broker - DailyFeedIn CAMS case, We have handled Change of Broker case in Daily Feed. For Old data, you have to run Repair Database with Option
SuggestionRejection listRM Filter has been added in Rejection List


Team Investwell

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