Version Update 18th April '18


We have released some updates for InvestWell Software with some bug fixes and delivered on some suggestions.

Bug FixSIP MiningSub broker code is now shown in Excel Export as well.
SuggestionTransmission folio for Multiple ClientsTransmission of a Folio can now be split into 3 existing folios as per unit share.
SuggestionUnrealized Gain ReportRemove Abs Ret and Show column Purchase Amount and Separate Price as on 31/01/2018 in the report
Bug FixAMC BillInvoice Name not Print in 2018-19 FY.
SuggestionCapital GainProvide Grand Father Gain calculation in Excel file also
Bug FixCapital GainSummary Total was inaccurate for Grandfathered gain.
SuggestionRejection File ImportSundaram and Franklin File are imported Now.
SuggestionContract Note ImportSMC contract note is imported now.
SuggestionOnline SyncCancelled Sync Jobs are retried for the selected clients when Online Sync is clicked again.


Team InvestWell

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