Version Update 12th April '18


We have released some updates for InvestWell Software with some bug fixes and delivered on some suggestions.

SuggestionRealized   & Unrealized Capital Gain ReportMake   New Report on the basis of Grand Fathered NAV for FY 18-19.
SuggestionBrokerage   PayoutWe will take effect of holding Days in case of Trail and Annualized Brokerage.
Bug FixTransaction   StatementIn   Portfolio in Batch Mode Date Filter was not working properly, Bug Fixed.
SuggestionOnline SyncIf any Mutual Fund Scheme objective not equal to Asset Class then we sync these in Online Sync.
Bug FixBrokerage Payout ProcessThe   Process Date Filter was not working,    Bug Fixed.
SuggestionSIP/Folio MAster Import ManualWe fetch ARN number in SIP/Folio Master Upload file, this will help for ARN wise   Upload History.
SuggestionSIP MiningAdded   Sub Broker code in Excel export as well.
SuggestionClient Profit Progress reportIt will work faster than the older one.
Bug FixInvestwellApplicant/Group combo went blank in some cases, Bug Fixed.
Bug FixSummary With XIRR ReportWhen   Bonus comes in Listed Shares and bonds then this report used to show Double records, Bug Fixed.
Bug FixMF TallyRun   Time Error bug Fixed.
Bug FixCapital GainApplicant and Group wise Gain Not matched, Bug Fixed.
Bug FixSummary With XIRR ReportSome realized gain was appearing when no redemption present, Bug Fixed.
Bug FixAMC BillBill   No/Contract Note should be on basis of FY, Bug Fixed.
SuggestionDividend ReportProvide   Product Filter in Dividend Report using Grid/Mail/Excel.
SuggestionPayout ProcessStandard   Rate was not applied properly in case of SIP Incentive brokerage in Payout   Process, Bug Fixed.


Team InvestWell

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