Version Update 8th March '18


We have released some updates for InvestWell Software with some bug fixes and deliver on some suggestions

SuggestionBrokerage MISRefresh Sub Broker button has been provided which updates the sub broker from client master into the brokerage transactions. A new refresh sub broker option has been provided which will update only those brokerage transactions where the sub broker code is blank. This will make the process much quicker.
Bug FixR77 and R70 Duplicate ErrorWBR77 is a combined Brokerage file from CAMS started recently. Instances of duplicate transactions have been fixed now.
SuggestionPrintwellPrintwell now has the ability to fetch Joint's Aadhaar number in all forms
SuggestionInvestwell Main ScreenLatest NAV date is now shown on Top Bar of Investwell Software
Bug FixBusiness Monitor (Drill Down)Fix a few scheme codes
SuggestionPurchase ChecklistA new ARN filter has been implemented in this module
SuggestionFact SheetEarlier we used to show Top 10 Holdings in the Scheme now there is an option to show ALL Holdings
Bug FixAadhaar Linking with FolioImplemented RM control on Aadhaar Linking with RTA screen. Now RM can see Aadhaar pending for his clients
SuggestionMSDE BranchImplemented Aadhaar Linking with RTA module in Investwell Branch version
SuggestionAadhar Letter link with MFWe recognize CAMS and Sundaram Aadhaar status column in Folio Master file and update it in the Aadhaar Linking with RTA module
Bug FixSMSSolved error in BhashSMS Sending with & character
Bug FixTop SchemeSolved Excel Export field missing issue for Top Schemes
SuggestionCAS ImportFolios made with CAS import will now be prefixed with the word "CAS-". It will help in identifying these folios.
Bug FixClient PortfolioCorrected the Annualized return in Client Portfolio Return excel export.
SuggestionFolio Master Import/RTAFetch Mobile column in File import for Sundram Case
SuggestionLink Aadhaar with RTAAdd Cams HUF Letter in Form and UPDATE CAMS LINK
Bug FixBrokerage List Export in ExcelShow File name also in Excel export
SuggestionSip MiningGive option Parameterized, Show Data on Start_Date or Registration DAte

Change in SIP/STP Procured and Running Currently and SIP/STP Summary
Shd be on basis of Start Date (Not Registration Date) - Or give the option to the user to see as he likes in the parameter.
SuggestionClient Portfolio - 1a,b,c,d,e,f etcCorrect Date in PDF File Name
Bug FixShare Dividend ProcessCalculation errors have been fixed
Bug FixCapital GainAssumed Cost Inflation Index show in Capital Gain Report
Bug FixFolio MAster File ImportIn CAMS file, we can now handle junk data in PAN and Mobile columns


Anuj Jain.

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