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Changes require in Portfolio Summary Report

There is suggestion that when I upload transaction file and transactions, particularly SIP transactions, which done through BSE Star MF Platform appears separately in transaction summary report.
Actually it should be come under on row not in separate rows. Please do the necessary changes because summary report generate in 7-8 pages instead on 1-2 pages.
Find attached two screen shots for same.
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JyotiRaja Sodha | MoneyManagement | ARN – 18594                                          


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*STP transaction.

By mistake, I write SIP. ACtually when we do STP through BSE Star MF platform and generate  "detail portfolio summary report" all STP transactions under same folio should become under one row instead of different rows 


If the original transaction type received CAMS, Karvy is STP (in the mailback) then we will club them. It looks like in the Systematic transaction through the exchanges the transaction type is not being reported correctly. 

We have an option for you to change the transaction type for such transactions (Upload Menu >> Transaction Edit).


Anuj Jain

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