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Investment Date in Client Portfolio Summery

Dear Sir,

I think it will be more easy if investment date or holding days will appear in client portfolio summery report. here we can measure the return with holding days.


Veena Sahu

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Also very useful to show  % cagr /xirr% in Investment snaphot since inception in all reports



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The summary report displays one line per folio.  In case of multiple transactions in the folio, which date to show is the problem ?

Avergae holding days are already shown in the column for all the holding units.


We can show XIRR % in the last row, since this snapshot is since inception of the portfolio.

However, pls note, the client may get confused with a different figure of XIRR of the entire portfolio, and CAGR in the following pages of the UNREALIZED portfolio of the portfolio.

This is the reason, why we did not print the XIRR below the snapshot.

Sunil Jain.

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