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SIP Date in Portfolio Return SIP summary

Dear Team,

Greetings from Team Investment Plus.

Request you take into consideration & update it earliest 

(1)   Request you to add option of SIP DATE,  

SIP Mining we use for our purpose to know running SIP or Inactive or Potential client for SIP etc.
But, when we send report to client with SIP Details – there is No any fileld of SIP Date, Request you to put SIP Date option in Your SIP Details, Client are confuse in which date SIP will debit? 

You just have one field of SIP Date in Client Porfolio Report, It will help lot to us aswell as client 

(2)   Request you to add - Total SIP amount field 

When we generate excel from client query - as per applicant - we get all information of Applicant, we also get AUM details But, There is NO any filed of Total SIP Amount 
Request you to add - Total SIP amount field in excel (if data available in single Excel it easy to work, otherwise we have to generate two excel & merge it, it take time & chances of error, If it is convenient  to you Request you to add - Total SIP amount field in client query) 

Request you to update it as early as possible 
Thanks & Regards, 

Ravi Kalariya

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