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Rolling Return features require

Rolling Returns features in nowadays popular among IFA.

We have trailing returns data available in Top Schemes menu and in MF Tally 

Right now no one provides rolling return features on their website. On provides but at a time you can't select more than five MF schemes. 

If this feature available in MF Tally menu than it will be more useful.

One more suggestion is that in Top Scheme, one can generate the latest performance data. If we can generate it as on a specific date, like if we want a return as on 29/01/2018 or on 31st Dec. 2016 then right now it is not possible.

Please enable it. It will be very useful.

Please create Rolling Returns feature in Top Scheme and MF Tally both place, if possible.

Note: I have here attached two screenshots of rolling return reports for your reference.

Thanks a lot!

Jyotiraja Sodha

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