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Goals report - imp addition required

In many cases Investors have an initial corpus available through previous investments.

​Please add an input field to capture  initial available​
​ corpus amount in the define goals screen.  ​
​This amount can be shown after the target corpus column​

​Also carry this initial amount to Goals report ​
​and show it separately​
suggested sequence of cols.with a focus on corpus amounts  rather than return%.
  1. ​Target Corpus
  2. Initial corpus
  3. Net target corpus
  4. current value
  5. total value (2+4)
  6. % complete (5 divided by1)
  7. target return%
  8. actual return%
  9. sip amount
  10. proj value
  11. shortfall
  12. lumpsum inv
  13. addl sip rs/month

Rakesh M


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