Who is Volt

Volt is our system integrator for the Loans Module

Who is the provider of the Loan Funding

Bajaj Finance is the NBFC. Other Providers may be added also

What will be my commission on the loan availed

It is 0.5% p.a. on the Loan Amount calculated on a daily balance basis.

How will I be paid this amount

This amount will be directly credited to your Mint ledger and will reduce the amount payable there..

The Loan Agreement

The Loan Agreement will be with the Investor and NBFC directly.

Loan Interest Rate

The Interest rate is 9.95% pa on a reducing balance basis

Is the process digital ?

The process is fully digital for Single Holding Folios being lien marked.

For Joint or AOS holding folios, additional confirmation via scan copy may be required.

The helpdesk team will call the investor and get the documentation completed.

Help Desk Whatsapp no is 7795402425

How is the Interest recovered from the investor

When availing the Limit, the investor has to complete a Bank Mandate.

Interest is recovered automatically using the Mandate

How is the Loan Repaid

The Investor/Borrower will have to pay the loan back on his own at any time via Net banking.  No charges are there on payment or pre payment.