Dear All,

We have made a major advancement to the Feature Permission module in Mint. This includes creating & assigning Roles to users of all levels. Now, roles will capture the list of features allowed to a user.


After this update, each user be assigned a Role along with their existing Level no. and Broker can configure View, Edit, Delete & Export rights for each Role that they create.

In the new and improved User Settings menu you can see all your users together. Each existing user level will be given a default user role by the system. You can either change the Access Permission of this default Role if you wish to Apply the same Access Permission setting to all users that have that Rols.


You can create a custom Role by clicking on the Create Role button.

Once a Custom role is created you need to close the pop up and go to the Access Permission tab to configure the rights that this new Role will have.

Use the Broker - Client Portal toggle on the top to see the 2 different list of menus. For a Broker type user you may now configure the rights of both portal.