1.  Go to the Clients' menu and export the excel sheet from the top right corner. This Client Details file will be downloaded to your local computer.

2. Open a new Word Document. Go to the Mailings tab

3. Click on Start Mail Merge > Labels. Choose an appropriate product and vendor which will define the dimensions of a label.

4. Now go to Select Recipients > Use an Existing List. Choose the downloaded excel file of the Client's Details.

Click on OK, and a New Label Sheet will be created.

5. Click on the option to Insert Merge Field and select the fields you want to add to your label (such as Title, Name, Address, Mobile, City).

6. Now click on Update Labels under Write & Insert Fields section. Sample labels will be created on a page with the given format selected. 

7. Since now you want to create labels for the Client list, then go to option Finish & Merge > Edit Individual Documents. 

8. A small pop-up will appear as Merge to New Document which will ask you for the Records you need to merge in the label document. You can select All or Specific Records by specifying from and to in the fields.

After clicking on Okay a new document file will be created with all the clients' labels.