We have added a new feature of Cease SIP under Invest Online BSE Menu. To Upload the SIP Master Data manually, you have to follow the list of steps mentioned below: 

  1. Go to Profile List Section, and click on Login To BSE Portal.

  1. A pop-up will be shown to Choose ARN if you have multiple ARNs. After selecting a particular ARN, this will redirect to the BSE StarMF service page.

  1. Select Daily Downloads Dropdown and hover on X-SIP/ I-SIP. From there select X-SIP/ I-SIP Registration Report. 

  1. Select a Date for which you want to download the SIP Master Report and then click on Export To Text. A text file will be downloaded automatically.

Now comes the step, where you will upload the Cease SIP file that you just downloaded. 

  1. Go back to the Mint web portal. In Cease SIP section, click on Upload SIP in the top right corner. Choose the same file and upload it. 

  1. Cease SIP data has been uploaded and after clicking on the Apply button, results can be seen in the table.