In this webinar, we covered an Overview of the Portfolio Valuation report and Invest Online features in Investwell Mint. 

Portfolio Valuation report - 

Use this when you want to analyze the current portfolio of a client. What is the Market value and return given by current investments? 

Many advisors use this report as their main go-to report for all use cases. 

This report can be taken on any backdate. It gives CAGR returns. It is a method to ascertain the point to point return of the Portfolio. 

It is useful to be given to retail clients as a quick overview of their current holdings. However, options can also be added to this report in the form of allocation sections and category pie charts to give to HNIs. 

The report can be taken in 3 main formats 

1) On screen 

2) XLS - For in house calculation 

3) PDF - To present to the client in a meeting 

4) Email - Directly sent to the investor 

New Enhancements to this are as follows - 

1) SIP, STP, SWP Summary taken from Transactions instead of SIP Master. We show the last 3 months SIP amount total for each folio. 

2) Merge SIP option is given to reduce the length of the detailed report. 

3) Allocation sections include and columns include to customize report look 

Invest Online - InvestWell Mint is integrated with NSE, BSE & MFU for online investment of Mutual fund schemes. Transaction types supported are as follows - 

1) New Purchase, SIP with first payment now 

2) Additional Purchase, SIP registration 

3) Switch, STP 

4) Redeem, SWP 

Point 2,3 & 4 can be done from the Additional Transactions menu in the client portal.

All the given Transaction options are available in our Android and iOS mobile app as well. 

Transaction permissions for all user levels (RMs, Sub broker, Back office staff, Team leaders) 

For clients - Clients can transact in all family member’s profiles as per permission given. 

AMC-ARN mapping to ensure new Investments are done in selected AMCs only by your clients. 

Map IIN option for NSE - Can be used to fetch existing IINs of prospects 

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