You can complete the full KYC using the Video KYC feature in InvestWell Mint. The Video KYC feature is a part of the IIN/UCC/CAN creation process.

You can create a Video KYC link and share that with your investor. Investwell Mint can be used to generate this Video KYC link. You'll have to send this link to the client yourself.

To generate a fresh Video KYC link go to the Invest Online menu >> Profile list. This is available in your Advisor Portal.

Video KYC status report in Mint shows the stage of each application.

  • Pending means that client has completed the application and it is under process at Signzy. 
  • Draft means that client has not yet completed the application. If client has closed the application midway, this status is shown forever. You need to generate a fresh link and send.
  • Rejected means that application has been rejected by Signzy and you need to create a fresh link and do video kyc again.
  • Accepted means that the application has been approved by Signzy and then passed onto CAMS, who is the actual KRA authority. At this stage, the KYC starts reflecting in CVL portal as under process. Once CVL portal shows approved then the KYC is actually done.