You can import Mutual fund scheme transactions in DIRECT mode or of other ARN of your investors using this utility.

Go to CAMS website and order detailed CAS since inception for your Investor from there. Take Detailed CAS option and then choose a specific period. Enter From Date as far back as when your client started investing.

Enter Email id registered in the folio.

Ask the investor to forward you the CAS file received on his email after you order it.

CAS import log

This table will show you a history of all the CAS files imported. To import a new CAS file, choose an existing client, enter the password of the PDF file and click on Upload button to select the CAS file from your computer file system.

Any new CAS that you import will lead to a 3 steps -

1. Choose ARN - You may choose to unselect some ARNs found in CAS that you don't want to take.

2. Scheme matching - For schemes not found in Investwell, you'll have to manually search and select the appropriate exact scheme type.

3. Create Client - When new clients PAN is found in the CAS file that we do not have in Investwell CRM's client list, we show them in this step. Here, you need to create a new client for that PAN by entering the name and clicking on Create Client button.

After CAS File import status is changed to Success. Go to the Actions column and click on Download Rejection file.