Folio lookup menu is available in the Advisor portal on the main navigation menu.

You can use the Folio lookup screen to 

  1. View the current market value of all folios of all your clients.
  2. Download SOA of each folio. Click on the folio no. or SOA icon to view and download SOA.
  3. View holding pattern, Bank account, Nominee registered in each folio. Click on the folio no. to see the folio details.
  4. Online investing profile id mapped against each folio

Below screen opens when you click on the SOA icon. Use the Request SOA button to download the SOA.

On the right, you can download a common transaction form if you wish to do the transaction in Physical mode.

Enter your CAMS Fundsnet credentials in Settings >> ARN Settings >> Click on edit on the right of the table and go to the second tab of RTA Credentials.

You will need to reset the answers to all the security questions to 1 common answer.

Pls verify the credentials once on