If you have merged clients by mistake you can demerge them from the Folio lookup menu in your Advisor portal.

Use the Applicant search to type the name of the client as in the Folio. Here, it is preferred if you type the first name only of the client as the client may have some folios with a different name. Click on Apply.

In the table that comes below, you can view two name columns

  1. Applicant (Folio) - The name of the first holder of the folio as per the Registrar
  2. Applicant (Mapped to) - The name of the first holder of the folio in Investwell Mint. When you merge clients this name changes to the primary investor.

To demerge 2 or more clients you need to select all the folios that have been mapped to the incorrect person and choose the action on the top called Demerge client

Once this is done, you can correctly merge the clients again from the clients menu by following these steps