Transactions report is available on the main navigation menu in both the Advisor and Client portal.

This report will show all historical transactions available in the system. By default, this page will load to show the recent transaction in a 2 week time period. You can select any time period without any restriction.

The report available on the screen can be exported to excel from the Excel export button on top of the table

You can select any user from the top left corner of the page. Firstly, select whether you want to choose a Family Head (to view all transactions of all members under that family) or a single Applicant. Then search for the name of the client.

Filters are available on the top left corner of the page.

  1. ARN - If you have multiple ARN or RIA codes this filter can be used to see transactions in any 1 broker code at a time
  2. Fund/Scheme - View transactions in 1 fund or in 1 particular scheme
  3. RTA - CAMS, Karvy or Franklin Templeton
  4. Folio - Search for a particular folio's transactions by enter the partial or full folio no.
  5. Scheme Category - SEBI Mutual fund categories are listed to choose one.

Transaction type filter can be applied from the transaction type column

For Relationship Managers and Sub Brokers, the same report can be accessed but data of only those clients that are assigned to them will be shown.

A similar transactions report is available in the Client portal as well.