Realized capital gain format

  1. Summary - Folio wise capital gain from sold units
  2. Detailed - Transaction wise capital gain. This will show the gain that has been realized for each Purchase, SIP or Switch In transaction that has been sold off.
  3. ITR Report - This report gives the capital gain in a tabular format in which the table headings have been kept same as that in the Income Tax filing form so that any investor would find it easy to copy and paste the amount in the ITR form.
  4. Schedule 112A - This is a new format required to declare Long Term Capital gains for Equity mutual funds.

Unrealized capital gain report

When your clients need some money for the things that money can buy, you need to make a redemption of some Mutual Fund Units or Shares. Your portfolio review or the asset rebalancing may require a Switch to be made from one scheme to another.

In such a case, before selling or switching out you need to know how much will be your Taxable Capital Gain if you were to sell as per current rules. 

This Unrealized Capital Gain provided by InvestWell provides data of currently held schemes. It is categorised into : 

  1. ELSS Scheme Units which are Locked (Held for less than 3 yrs, which you cannot sell)
  2. ELSS Scheme Units which are available for Sell / Switch (Held for more than 3 yrs)
  3. Short Term Equity - Units of Equity Taxation schemes, that are held less than 1 year.
  4. Long Term Equity - Units of Equity Taxation schemes that are held for 1 year or above.  We display the Taxable Gain after Grandfathering as per the IT law.
  5. Short Term Debt - Units of Debt taxation schemes, held for less than 3 years.
  6. Long Term Debt - Units of Debt taxation schemes, held for 3 or more years.  The Inflation adjusted, Taxable gain is shown here.
This report is available in the Portfolio Report option in Reports Menu. Select a client, and choose the Unrealized LT/ST Gain option.

Please consider the exit load which is applicable as per investment dates.
For close ended schemes, the maturity date is mentioned along with the scheme name.