Get UCC file from BSE Star MF portal by following these steps

  1. Login to BSE portal
  2. Go to Admin section
  3. Here click on Client reports
  4. Then click on Client Master reports
  5. Choose date format as Created At
  6. Enter a date that is before the date when you started working on BSE
  7. Click on Export to text (As of now, BSE only allows this export option to work after 3 pm)

After downloading this file log into InvestWell Mint, go to Invest Online menu and then Profile list. Here, click on the upload UCC list icon on the top right corner and choose the UCC list file.

Map Rejected UCCs

A pop up screen will show the count of UCCs that were imported and not imported respectively. Choose to Map the rejected UCCs button.

The next screen consists of 2 tables. The first one shows a list of all the UCCs that have not been imported into the system. The bottom table shows a list of all the folios that do not have a UCC assigned to them.

Search on the top table and then search in the bottom table and match the UCC to all the relevant folios. Click on Map & import button to execute the action.

Get Mandate file from BSE Star MF portal. Login to BSE*MF and Click on Menu X-SIP ->MANDATE -> MANDATE SEARCH 

Export mandate text file and then upload it in Invest online menu >> Mandate list.