This report is a customizable Portfolio report that is available in the Advisor portal. A sample report is attached at the end of this guide.

Choose from 5 sections, order the sections as desired

  1. Executive Snapshot - Total XIRR return of client, Product wise and Family member wise allocation of client's AUM.
  2. Assets Analysis
  3. Holding Analysis
  4. Investment Snapshot
  5. Portfolio Summary

Select the asset classes 

  1. Mutual Funds
  2. Shares, bonds
  3. Fixed deposits
  4. Other Assets (like PMS, Property, PPF)

Display Settings

  1. Choose to hide folio no.
  2. Font Style

Data Settings

  1. Choose to include only folios with positive unit balance or all folios since the investor's first investment
  2. Choose to include Benchmark return comparison in all sections of the report

Executive Summary section

Assets Analysis section

Holding Analysis section

Investment Snapshot section

Portfolio Summary report

A bird's eye view of your entire portfolio- the complete return on investment since Inception - it includes realized and unrealized gains and dividends.

Play with this report - it can show you a lot of stuff - Actual profits booked, dividends earned since you invested, family summaries and more