This Portfolio Valuation report shows you all the currently held investments of each Investor. This report can be found in the Client portal in the Reports menu. A shortcut of this report is available in the Client Summary profile that can be accessed through the Clients menu in your Advisor Portal.

The above profile can be opened by clicking on the name of the client.

You can use the Report builder to take out the Report in the desired format. The default selected options are the most used, so you may click on Apply button to see an overview of your Mutual fund investments.

Clicking on any View Type PDF exposes some options to choose from.

Report Type

  1. Category - This will show scheme wise C AGR and club schemes of same main category together. The Categories listed are Debt, Equity, Arbitrage, Liquid & Ultra Short.
  2. Sub Category - This will show scheme wise CAGR and club schemes of same SEBI category together.
  3. Transaction - This will show a detailed report in PDF with CAGR against each purchase transaction that contributes to the current unit balance.