This utility is provided to help you get a comprehensive analysis of a client or prospect's current holdings analysis so that a recommendation can be made based on your findings. 
Download Sample Portfolio Review report.

You can create 2 types of portfolios here -
  1. Model Portfolio - This is a basket of schemes that you think is suitable for a persona of Investor.
  2. Client Portfolio - This is the basket of schemes that a client or prospect has current investments in.

You can upload the Consolidated Account statement (CAS) summary PDF of any client or prospect to create the Clients current holding analysis report. This file will have the current market value of all your Mutual fund investments.

Order CAS summary PDF from here. This PDF will be emailed to your registered email id (in the folio) by CAMS.

Click on the New Client Portfolio button 

In the form that opens you enter the name of the client and choose to upload CAS summary file of the client has a lot of existing holdings.

Otherwise, you can enter the scheme name and current value in the scheme one by one.

Click on Save after filling all the fields.

On the previous page where all Client portfolios are listed you can download a Portfolio Analysis report for any Model. Select the Portfolio from the left and click on Portfolio Analysis button on the right.

Sections of the Portfolio reviews

Quartile ranking is a method to rank each scheme's trailing return into a quartile.
Schemes are ranked by asset class
into 4 categories
  1. First Quartile (Top 25%)
  2. Second Quartile (25-50%)
  3. Third Quartile (50-75%)
  4. Fourth Quartile (above 75%)

Model portfolio comparison with client portfolio