Email scheduler is available in the Advisor portal of Investwell Mint. You can use it send Portfolio reports to your clients in batch mode at a set frequency. You can also use it to send customized messages like season greetings or Market commentary for the quarter to all your clients on an Adhoc basis.

Send Portfolio reports

In the Email scheduler menu in the Advisor portal, in the Campaigns tab click on the Create Campaign button on the top left corner of the page.

Enter the subject line of the email that will be sent. Choose either all your clients or some of your clients using the client search.

When you select all clients and set the mode of Campaign as recurring, then all the clients created in the future will be automatically added to the campaign email list.

Next, choose the PDF report that you wish to send to all the clients. The featured section of reports includes all the reports that are system generated eg, the Portfolio report in which portfolio of the client will go as an attachment in the email, Login credentials email which is used by the clients to create a password and get login credentials for their Portfolio access.

The General tab includes campaigns that have a General purpose i.e, in which the system does not attach any report or does not modify the email in any way. Eg, Happy new Year, Happy diwali or any other seasons greeting.

Now, choose a schedule for the reports to be sent on. It can either be sent once or on a recurring basis.

If you choose the recurring option, then you can set the frequency as Monthly, Weekly etc. Click on the Proceed button on the right to start sending the reports as per the given schedule.

The client's portfolio reports will be emailed to them from the email id configured as per the Email Configuration. To view or modify this setting go to the Account Settings >> Email Configuration.

In Email configuration, you choose whether to use the default email of investwell or enter your own email id credentials. If you enter your own, your clients will recognize that the email has come from their advisor and that is recommended.

If you have a Google email address, use the second option and sign in with Google.

Before clicking on submit, you must do 3 things - 

  1. Allow less secure app access to your email account. For gmail, follow these steps
  2. Then, click on this link for final authentication.
  3. Remove 2 factor authentication (OTP based) if enabled for your google account.

After entering the credentials click on Submit.

Custom Templates

While sending Portfolio reports, you have an option to customize the email body that will be seen by the client along with their Portfolio as attachment.

In the Templates tab of the Email schedular in the Advisor portal of your Investwell Mint, click on the Create New Template button on the top right corner.

Write the name of the new template and then press Enter key on your keyboard. A dropdown will open on the right to choose the Purpose of the template. Purposes are linked to system actions for sending the relevant reports.

Eg - Portfolio summary purpose is to be taken if you want to create a template that is used whenever Portfolio summary report is sent to the client.

Choose the relevant purpose if you want to link this Email template to a report or an action.

Choose General purpose if you want to create a template for season's greetings or some other bulk email.

Write the email body in the left text editor. You may add images in line and use the other options available in the text editor. 2 previews are shown on the left for desktop and mobile devices.

Use the placeholders to customize your email for each client like in the example above,Click on the Save button in the top right corner after you have created your template.