If you have already created UCCs on BSE Star MF portal you can import them in Investwell Mint. Firstly, you need to download List of UCC registered with BSE*MF and import it here. 

To Download the UCC file, please login into BSE Star MF, Click on Menu Admin >> Admin Reports >> Client Master Reports, download a list (in Txt format) of registered clients and import it here in this screen. We shall map the UCC with existing clients based on EXACT MATCHING Name & PAN of all Holders.

You need to download List of One Time Mandates (OTM) registered with BSE*MF (in TXTformat) and import it here. To download Mandate file, Login to BSE*MF and Click on Menu X-SIP ->MANDATE -> MANDATE SEARCH

Requirements for creating fresh UCC

  1. Signature of all holders on plain paper.
  2. Physical presence of client if KYC is not done.
  3. Patience :)

There are 2 ways of creating UCCs in Mint

Create UCC for Existing client

If a client already has a folio under your ARN code, you can use that to create a new UCC. 

Go to Invest Online >> Profile List

Here, click on the UCC not available toggle.

This page will show a list of folio holding combinations for which a corresponding UCC is not available in Mint. Hover on the actions on the far right of the table and choose Create UCC.

The UCC form will open up with form details fetched from the folio master. The remaining fields need to be filled and submitted.

Create UCC for New client

This scenario is useful when the client has no folio under your ARN, say, someone just walked into your office and wants to invest. Go to Invest Online >> Profile List. Click on the Create UCC button on the top right corner of this page.

The UCC form will open. It is made of 6 sections

In the first section, when PAN is entered, the system will check for the KYC status of the primary holder. If KYC is not done, a video KYC link can be opened after completing the first section of the UCC form.

The requirements for completing KYC process are as follows

Once all these documents have been collected together, click on the Let's Go button at the bottom of the page