BSE StarMF is the exchange platform provided by BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) to Financial Advisors for transacting in all mutual fund schemes available in India. To transact using this service, you need to have a trading account profile with BSE. This is called a UCC (Unique Client Combination). It allows you to invest under a recognized a verified profile. 

Any new folio created will have the Holding combination, Tax status and Nominees of the UCC that is used to open that folio. Your Investor login has 2 sections under the Invest Online BSE menu.

  1. Transact Now
  2. Account Details

The first section has all the transaction options available to you.

  1. New Purchase
  2. Additional Purchase
  3. Switch
  4. SIP
  5. STP
  6. SWP
  7. Redemption

New Purchase allows you to transact in any scheme through a new folio.

  1. Click on Search Profile to see list of UCCs available for transaction. Choose one UCC.
  2. Select Fund
  3. Select Scheme Type
  4. Select Scheme
  5. Choose whether to opt for Dividend scheme or Growth
  6. Enter Amount and Click on Add Transaction

As you choose the UCC, the particular Profile Details will be populated for your reference on the right hand side of the screen. Add Transaction button will add this order to BSE cart. If successful, you will get a confirmation message from BSE as a dialog box on this screen itself. 

All orders need to be first added to BSE cart and then ordered from there. This cart can be accessed by clicking on the Make Payment button.

You will be redirected the BSE's web page. Over there you can review and confirm your transaction. This flow is used by Advisors to add their suggested scheme orders in your BSE cart from where you can initate the payment.

Choose the type of Payment method that you prefer and the Bank account that will be used for this transaction. Click on Initiate Payment to confirm transaction.

Systematic Investment (SIP) can be initiated in a similar way from your My-Portfolio portal. Click on the SIP button available in the Transact Now section.

On the next page perform the following steps -

  1. Choose the UCC profile that you wish to use
  2. Select a Mandate. If you do not have a mandate currently, you can create one from the Account Settings section. We have explained how to create mandates below.

  1. Choose a Fund
  2. Choose an existing folio if available from this Fund or leave this blank - which will create a new folio for this SIP.
  3. Select a Scheme type and then select a Scheme to invest in.
  4. Choose a Start Date. Preferably 15 days to 1 month after today.
  5. Choose Frequency from Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly.
  6. Enter Amount of Investment and No. of Installments.

Generate First order today will take the first installment of SIP right now. Click on Order and then Make Payment to be redirected to BSE cart to complete the payment.