Karvy has made a change in the email address that they use to send you the mailback files. If the transactions from Karvy are not being uploaded (as of 04/12/2018), then it is probably because of this reason. You need to add one more email address(From- karvymfs.com) in the filters that govern the forwarding rules for RTA Auto Mailback upload service from Registered mail Id for ARN.

Please open the email inbox where you receive the mailback file from Karvy. Click on the drop-down arrow at the right end of the search bar.

Here, write karvymfs.com in the From field and click on the Create Filter button

In the next step, checkmark the "Forward it to" box and choose the email address that the RTA Auto Upload reads mail from. Then, click on the Create Filter button.

In case you do not remember which email id is used by the Auto Upload program, go to the Setup menu >> Program Settings >> RTA Settings tab.

Choose this email address and click Create filter. You will have to go this email id's inbox to accept the forwarding request.

Please email to support@investwellonline.com if you need any assistance with this procedure.

And then automailupload version as well request Previous week data files from Karvy site


 Extract in a folder, copy all files and paste these files into Investwell Folder

During this process, Investwell should be closed.