An iSIP or an internet-based SIP is a completely paperless way of setting up an SIP. In an iSIP, after you have set up the SIP, you will have to add the Asset Management Company (AMC) as a biller in your bank through internet banking. This process will need to be done for every iSIP in every scheme. The AMC will then present monthly bills to your bank. If you select the auto-pay option while adding the biller, the payment will happen automatically when the bank receives the bill.

The product X-SIP was launched in July 2012, XSIP or EXCHANGE SIP is a facility offered by the exchange to the MFIs/MFDs on StAR MF platform to register their client’s ECS Bank Mandates and upon successful registration with the destination bank, to start registering SIPs for their mutual fund clients. This facility is offered free of charge to MFIs /MFDs in order to take away their burden of administrative activity for registering mandates and collecting SIP payments from the clients on the due date. 

Key Features of XSIP
  • Multiple SIPs can be registered under single Mandate for any AMC, subject to the cumulative SIP amount debited to customer, falling under the Mandate “Upper Limit” on a single debit date
  • Only Member (MFI) will have flexibility of charging brokerage to client on SIP at the time of registration – this is a broker - client internal arrangement
  • MFI/MFDs will be free to concentrate on procuring more business instead of getting involved in SIP administration
It may be noted that this XSIP facility is offered as an OPTION and the MFI may choose to continue registering SIPs and collecting funds from their client as they are doing today OR may shift to the XSIP Whereas MFDs have to choose only XSIP for registering SIPs for their clients.