Financial Advisors often need to analyze their business metrics from an admin point of view and make managerial decisions. For this they must ask questions that are unique to their business. For example, how many investors had return over 10 %, How many investors have equity allocation over 70%.

All such custom business questions can be answered by Investor Data Mining Reports in MIS menu.

Here, you have to process investors data before drawing reports. So, hit the Process button at the bottom of the screen to process all investors data. This will take a few seconds.

Now, go to the next Reports tab. Here you can view all pre-configured reports in Excel. These are the most common business use cases. After choosing the relevant report and criteria, press Show button. This will open the report in Excel.

For a more custom use case. Go to the Data Mining Reports option in MIS menu.

Here press the View button on the bottom right corner to view Unrealized Gain by Scheme. These filters and options provide more configurations to generate custom reports.