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InvestWell is integrated with BSE Star MF facility. Incase you (the distributor) are not registered with BSE Star MF please do so with BSE.

This article will cover three cases for Investor who wants to start transacting on your BSE Platform.

1.       Already mapped in BSE STAR Directly.  Now want to transact via Investwell portal

2.       Investwell client, But not in BSE star.

3.       Any new client, may not be in InvestWell.

From the Online Portfolio Viewer Dashboard go to BSE MF option in Master zone

To start using the BSE Service first Enter your BSE Credentials as given by BSE while registering for the service and then press Submit.

Under the tab Create UCC - Existing Client you will get the list of clients that you have Synced from InvestWell software but that are not mapped with their UCC code. 

At the right end of each row there is an option to Create BSE Profile. Clicking this will open a prefilled form under the Create BSE Profile tab.

As of now, irrespective of whether the Investor has UCC or not you have to create a Online Profile for him on the InvestWell portal under the BSE profile tab. 

Here you have to enter all the information if the client is new and is not in Investwell software.

After you fill the mandate details choose New UCC for creating UCC or choose I already have UCC with BSE to enter Investor's existing UCC

After pressing submit button, you can download this form under the BSE Profiles tab by clicking Down Arrow option for each profile. You have to sign and then upload this document by pressing the Upload (Up Arrow) option. 

After uploading documents you will receive UCC from BSE and it will start reflecting in Investor's BSE profile immediately.

Now create Mandate by Clicking Mandate option under the BSE Profiles tab for each Investor.

This will open a screen where you need to input the amount and period that this Mandate is authorized for.

Enter mandate details press Submit and you will get it on email. Print, sign and physically send to BSE.

Whenever you make a purchase with this mandate's unique UMR code your bank maps it internally so that you don't have to authentic payment every time.

After the Mandate has been approved (it takes around 15 days after you courier it to BSE) Import BSE Mandate to InvestWell portal in CSV format using the Import ACH Mandate tab.

Investors can choose these mandates while Investing from this platform.