This article describes the process of making GST invoices to be sent to Investor.

Note - In case you are not billing for services to your clients, you may ignore this article.

Firstly, you have to update the GSTIN number for each ARN that you have in the system. To do this go to the ARN No. option inside the Setup Menu

Here, Select your ARN and input the GST No and SAC Code here and Click on Save.

Leave the Service Tax No field as it is for the moment. In any case, for Bills date July 1, 2017 and later, the GST will be applied.

Please also update the STATE (for GST Billing) for each of your investors also.  

You may use the  MANAGE CLIENTS Screen in SETUP Menu, to Set the STATE for multiple clients in one go.

In case they provide a GST No, you may input that in the Client Master.

You may use the  CLIENT QUERY Screen to update the same for each investor.

If you are creating Bills after 1 July 2017 then you have to choose ARN number from the field below and generate bills.

After Process Bill you may generate the bill from Print Bill

Here mark the bill and press preview button.

Please find attached a sample bill.

The Invoice Number series is constructed as follows - 

1) The First 2 digits represent the current Year

2) The Next segment indicates the ARN number (Like ARN-10367, here 10367 is part of this segment of invoice no.)

3) The Next segment is InvestWell number series. (AMC bill and Investor bill have same series)

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