Sebi Conducts Due Diligence for ARN Holders based on criteria such as AUM, Commissions etc. The purpose of this is to ensure best practices are followed in conducting the business.

They require certain statistics in relation to your business.

Please email us at to subscribe to the Due Diligence Module for getting this data readily available to you.

The Due Diligence Module reports can be accessed from the AUM Reports section of MIS menu.

Click on the the Statistics button.

4 tab folder are available for you.  In each of them, please do select your ARN as required, in case you have data for multiple ARN in the application.

Tab 1 :   

AUM  - This screen shows Category wise AUM for various Investor Classes.

Inline images 5

Please note that Clients where PAN No is not found are listed under 'OTHERS'

You may consider Individuals and Others as Individuals for reporting purposes.

Corporate and HUF may be considered as Non Individual

Export to Excel option is provided for your ready reference.

Tab 2: 

Active Folio - Select the Financial Year and click in Calculate.

Now you can view your count of Active Folio and Active SIP Folios. 

A Folio is considered Active, if there is at least one transaction during the year in the folio.

SIP Folio Count is count of folios where SIP transaction has been posted during the year.

Tab 3:

Turnover Ratio 

Turnover ratio is used to measure the level of churn in your business

Select the ARN and FY period.  Click Calculate.

Do check for which FY you need this data.

Click on Show to view the results of previous calculations.

The formula that we have used to calculate Turnover Ratio is as follows :

Turnover Ratio =  Min{Purchase, Redemption} of open ended Equity Schemes (Non ELSS, non Arbitrage)                                 

                                  Average AUM of open ended Equity Schemes (Non ELSS and non Arbitrage)

Note : In above calculations, we are considering only Transactions in Open Ended Equity Schemes EXCLUDING Tax Saving (ELSS) Schemes and Arbitrage Schemes

(Please note, earlier we were considering only Purchase and Sell transactions for calculating the Ratio. 

However after clarification from AMFI, in the version update on/after 8 Nov 2017, we are including all transaction types like Purchase, SIP, Switch in, Switch Out, Redemptions, STP, etc in this calculation)

Export to Excel option is provided for your ready reference.

Tab 4: 

Exit Load Transaction

You can view all the Transaction with Exit Loads. 

Select ARN No, and the Period.  

The screen shows the list of Redemptions, where Exit Load was effected and the SELL NAV is different from the Market NAV of the day.

At the bottom of the screen you can also see - 

  1. Total Redemption
  2. Average AUM
  3. Ratio

Export to Excel option is provided for your ready reference.


We hope this will provide you with the required information for the audit control purpose.

Thank you.