Karvy is a registrar that provides Mutual Funds data to distributors. They have the following file formats in which they send investment related data:

  • MFSD307
  • MFSD311
  • MFSD313

To setup the RTA Automatic File Ordering process you have to setup a schedule so that all these files are sent to you periodically.


  Step to Schedule for Karvy data:

  • Enter your User Id & password.
  • Then click on sign in.

  • Click on Subscription Report.(For Scheduling Daily Feeds)

  • Click on MFSD 307-Transaction Report.

  •  Click on Unsubscribe first if the option is there before submitting new request.

  • Then Tick Zip file, DBF, your Email-Id option.
  • And Click on submit.

  • Click on Go to online subscription for other FEED File options.

  • Do the same process for the  below feed files
  • MFSD 311-Investor master information.
  • MFSD 313-SIP Registration Report.

After this process Scheduleing for KARVY  are done