CAMS is a registrar that provides Mutual Funds data to distributors. They have the following file formats in which they send investment related data:

  • WBR49
  • WBR2
  • WBR9

To setup the RTA Automatic File Ordering process you have to setup a schedule so that all these files are sent to you periodically.

Site Link  (

Steps to schedule for CAMS data.

Open the website ( .

Select the option Distributor Mailback Service.

Enter your cams register Email-id in the field provided

Select all the funds from the given list of funds that you are impaneled with. 

Click on next option below.

Firstly, Schedule for WBR49 Feed File.

Click on Grow your Business option.

Select the option WBR49(SIP/STP procured for the period).

Select DBF in Desired output format.

Select Email a download link in Delivery option.

Click on next option.

Select 3 in The last for Business Days(to schedule for next six month).

Click on next.


Enter the password - the default password for Scheduling Process is 123456

Then click on Immediate option.


Then choose Schedule this job option for proceed.



Then click on GO Button.



Select the option Day of week.

Select all days - Sunday to Saturday


Click on schedule option below.



You have to do the same process for WBR2, WBR9 for Scheduling Feeds.