InvestWell provides for Importing of Insurance Policy Data via EXCEL files.

You may record the insurance policy details (Both Life and General) in the sample excel format provided in your InvestWell folder.

You may download a sample format from here also.

Notes on File Preparation : 

Please ensure that MANDATORY Fields like Policy Number, Policy Date, Premium Amount , Policy Term etc. are mentioned in the EXCEL Sheet.

Please also ensure the DATES are written in the DATE FORMAT in excel.  Do not input CHARACTERS like 20  Jan 2015.  It should be mentioned as 20/01/2015

No blank rows should be present in the EXCEL file.

DO NOT change the column headings

Amount should be written as a Number. Do not write numbers with Currency System or COMMA like Rs 1,500 

Please follow the steps mentioned to import the insurance data.


    1. In the Menu bar Click on Transaction Menu and then on Insurance Import.

   2. Browse and locate the file where you have recorded the insurance details.

3.Select the file & Click on OPEN button

4.  Click on Load button to Load this file.

5. Application will display a list of policies which are ready to import.  

Please map each policy with an existing client in the InvestWell database using the MATCH WITH AVAILABLE CLIENT button

If the client is not available, you may CREATE CLIENT and MATCH.

6. Click on Generate Transactions to complete the import process.

The records so imported, may be viewed in the INSURANCE EDIT screen available in the TRANSACTIONS menu.

In case any error in Import, please ensure the points mentioned above are taken care off while making the EXCEL file.

Team InvestWell