If you want to add new ARN to your Investwell Software please follow these steps

  • Open your Investwell Software
  • Go to setup menu
  • Click on ARN No


A new ARN Master window will pop up

  • Click on NEW button to create ARN
    • Here we need to Fill all the detail of ARN i.e. ARN no, Holder Name, Service Tax no, Address, E-mail, Fax No etc
    • After that click on save button to save the new ARN  

The next button ARN MATCHING click on this button to match the ARN 

When you upload any file into InvestWell there is a chance that it contains a few records that have an ARN that is different that what you have entered in InvestWell. 

  • For Example - you have written ARN no. as ARN-2345 and in files ARN is written as ARN2345. So, such kinds of small error leads to a new ARN in Investwell. So, to match these ARN we use this ARN MATCHING button 

Mapping ARNs

  • After clicking on this button you will have a box of ARN master here you will find all your ARNs on left hand side and new ARN on right hand side so here you need to select the unmatched ARN and also select the correct ARN and then click on MAP button to match them.