Please find the Standard Goal settings under the Toolkit option as Define Standard Goals

Here, you can store the standard Goal Descriptions and respective Images. These will show up in the Goal Reports.

To Modify a goal setting - 

  1. Select the goal from the given options.
  2. Hit Modify button.
  3. You may change the Description or Upload an Image that you want.
  4. Hit Save button to use these settings later.

Now, if you want to set Goals for your Clients go to the Client Goal Settings option in the same Toolkit menu.

Here, you can Define your Client's Investment Goals.

  1. Choose the Group and click OK.
  2. At the bottom, choose Goal Category 
  3. Name the Goal Eg - Daughter's Marriage
  4. Enter the date of expected Maturity of the Goal.
  5. Enter the Expected Return and Inflation accordingly.
  6. Hit Add New button.

You will now be able to see the Calculated Target Corpus that client has to achieve for the goal (at future value).

The next step is to assign Folios to the goals. This way we can ensure that clients investments are devoted to meeting their goals.


  1. Choose Group at the top and press OK.
  2. Mark the Folios that you want to use to achieve this goal.
  3. Choose Goal that you want to map folios to.
  4. Press Set button.

Now as you go to the Reports tab the calculated Shortfall and Lump sum Investment required is as shown

You may export this Goal report to Excel or PDF to show to client. A sample of Goal Report is attached.