To install Sql server 2012 we need to follow the below steps

Step 1: We need to download the sql setup file from

For 64 bit operating system



For 32 bit operating system



After downloading the file you will get these two file so firstly we need to run the SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe

After click it will start extracting the file and start installing

After extracting it will show the Installation box where we need to select the first option to install the software

After Selection the software start installing it will show the below box where we need to tick the option I accept the license terms. And then click on next button

After that here we no need to click on next button we don’t need to change any thing.

Clicking on next button it will start checking updates and downloading other setup files when it will completed we need to click on install button.

The next step is Feature selection process in this process we need to check that all check box are clicked Database engine services/sql server replication/sql client connectivity SDK Please make sure that all box are clicked or you can select all check box by clicking on SELECT ALL button and also you can change your sql location by clicking on the browse button present above HELP button and then click on next button for the next process.

Here we need to put the Instance configuration where we need to put the id for the sql here we need to click on DEFAULT INSTANCE  and then click on next button for further process.

No need to make any change click on next button

At this place we need to click on mixed mode and put the default password provided by the Investwell xv_l15rz39_t1p54  and then click on next button

Click on next button

Here the installation process takes place

After installation process click on close button to complete the sql configuration installation

Then the next process is to install sql server management studio

After clicking on it the extraction process will be done

Select the first option to start the installation

It will start installing automatically no need to do any thing

Click on next button for the next process

It will check the installation setup file click on next button

Click on add feature to an existing instance of sql and then click on next

Click on select all button and then click on next button 

It will start installation rule automatically 

It will start installation Process automatically

Click on close button to finish the installation