I-Mail is InvestWell's own email scheduler that is used to send timely reports to Investors from their Broker's email id. After you have configured the Email settings in Setup you can begin to configure I-Mail.

You can Find I-mail under the Setup Menu as Auto Mail Scheduler

Clicking this will land you on the Frequency Settings page of I-Mail Scheduler

On this page you can see the current frequency settings for Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly type frequency.

If you want to Modify these settings - 

  1. Select the Frequency that you wish to Modify
  2. Enter the Time of day that emails should be sent at
  3. Click Enable if you wish that these settings should apply for the entered Frequency
  4. Hit Update Button

Now, under the next tab of Group Settings you can modify as follows - 

  1. Enter the name of the group
  2. You may enter the name of RM or Sub-broker to narrow down the search
  3. Hit OK

  4. Now, if you want to modify one row setting 
    • Click on the Portfolio Retrn cell of that row. 
    • Hit Save after that.

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  5. If you want to modify settings for Multiple Clients 
    • Mark the checkbox against their names
    • Choose Report and Set Frequency
    • Hit Update

Both Save and Update button accomplish the same thing.

You can also view all the jobs that have been recorded by going over to the Scheduled Jobs tab.

  1. Here also, please select the group name and RM.
  2. Then hit Show.
  3. You may Delete or Export to Excel