Many advisors ask for finding the AUM (asset under management)  for a period , say Financial Year 2016 .

Sometimes they want to Compare AUM variation between 2017 vs 2016.

We would like to explain that AUM is always calculated AS ON A GIVEN DATE.

e,g, AUM as on 31/3/2016  or  AUM as on 31/3/2015.

It is Summation of (Unit balance on the given date)  x  (NAV of the respective scheme).

In InvestWell, you can use the AUM Report option in MIS Menu  to  Calculate the AUM as on any date.

Once calculated, you may analyse the same using the FILTERS and GROUP and Sub Group option provided below in the same screen.

e.g. You could Filter on One Fund,  and Group On  Cateogry, and Sub Group on Scheme.


Use No Filter, and Group on  Applicant  only, to view AUM of each investor.

The chart shows AUM bifurcated into Equity, Debt, Liquid, Gold and Arbitrage, as well as the Total AUM.

You could also use the AUM COMPARE option in MIS Menu, to compare AUM across 6 different dates of your choice.

You can view the same by Fund, Scheme, Applicant, Sub Broker etc.

This option can be used to Analyze your AUM and take action as per your business requirements.

Team InvestWell