InvestWell allows you to set a Hierarchical access to you Clients data for all the employees in your organization.

Please watch in 720p (HD). Go to Settings icon on bottom right corner > Quality > 720p

In the Setup menu go to the Users option

Now, you can see the screen that is used to create new users and/or assign rights to existing users

To create a New User click on the New button on the right side

You can now enter the details as follows - 

  1. Login Name
  2. Password
  3. Contact No.
  4. User Role
    • Admin - This person has complete right to all functionalities of the software
    • RM - Relationship Manager can only see the details of the clients assigned to him
  5. Report To - You can assign who the new User will report to (their Manger) over here. This person should be an existing user in InvestWell. When the reporting manager logs in using their username, then they can see details of their clients as well as details of all the managers who are reporting to them.

Enter the additional details as well - 

  1. Address
  2. Date of Birth
  3. PAN
  4. EUIN - If the user has a Employee Unique Identification Number then you can input that here
  5. Photo - You may upload the user's profile pick here

Click the Save button.

Now, in the Setup menu you can use the Users Roles & Rights option to define Viewing and Editing privileges for all your employees.

Here, first choose the Role from the left column and then set the detailed privileges of Viewing and Editing.

We have mentioned the standard definitions of the User Roles that is given by default.

Example - 

Relationship managers are given access to reports while Managers are given access to managing client options like merging clients.

Operators are typically given rights to most of the input options so that they can enter data on their own.

This will determine how many options a user sees on his Menu bar.